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OpenAI Playground School

Openai Playground School


Next JS Prisma TailwindCSS OpenAI MongoDB

Open AI Project School is a full-stack project that uses OpenAI API to generate study notes, essays outline and summaries of texts. After generating the text, the user can share it with the community.

This Project has 4 pages:

  • Home page - On this page, we have the community creations where all the generated and shared texts will appear.

  • Study Notes page - The user can generate a study note about a topic on this page.

Prompt example: What are 5 key points I should know when studying Ancient Rome?

  • Summarise - On this page, the user can generate a summary of a given text to facilitate the explanation of the same.

Prompt example: Summarize this for a second-grade student: Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. It is a gas giant with a mass one-thousandth that of the Sun, but two-and-a-half times that of all the other planets in the Solar System combined. Jupiter is one of the brightest objects visible to the naked eye in the night sky, and has been known to ancient civilizations since before recorded history. It is named after the Roman god Jupiter.[19] When viewed from Earth, Jupiter can be bright enough for its reflected light to cast visible shadows,[20] and is on average the third-brightest natural object in the night sky after the Moon and Venus.

  • Essay Outline - The user can generate an essay outline of a given topic on this page.

Prompt example: Create an outline for an essay about Nikola Tesla and his contributions to technology

To generate the desired text, the user must fill in a form containing the username and prompt message on the last three pages above.

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Dall-e AI playground

Dall-e AI playground


OpenAI Express NodeJS MongoDB React

This is a MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js) project that utilizes the OpenAI API and DALL-E to generate creative images.


This project consists of a REST API that connects to a MongoDB Atlas and a web app that allows users to input a prompt and receive a variety of unique responses generated by DALL-E that are stored in MongoDB for future reference.

The project aims to demonstrate the capabilities of the OpenAI API and DALL-E in a practical and user-friendly application.

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Basket Sensor - For visually Impaired people


Unity C# Adobe Photoshop

The Basket Sensor game 🏀🎮 was developed to provide a basketball match experience to visually impaired people via 3d sounds, simulating the sound of an actual match.

In this game, we have the following features:

  • Narrator voice gives the context to the player, such as the scoreboard, who the ball is etc.

  • Teammates' voices. The teammates ask for the ball so that you know where he is.

  • Shooting attempt. There is a power bar that makes a sound where it is ok to shoot.

  • Catch the ball phase. The player can hear the adversary dribbling the ball. If the player touches where the other player is, then the player will retrieve the ball from his team. Otherwise, the other play may shoot the ball.

  • Random actions. The whole game is full of random actions to make it more alive. Sometimes the other team get the ball and scores it, or the opposite.

Although the game was developed for visually impaired people, many without the impairment played it so they may understand a little bit more how it is not to be able to rely on their vision.

This project was developed when I was still in school, and it was created for a parent-student event at SESI-411.

Event-driven 3d Testing Framework


Unity C# RabbitMQ MongoDB NodeJS

This project was developed as my final year project 🎓 for my bachelor's of computer science.

Event-driven 3d testing framework was developed to simulate a hospital environment where a patient has many sensors in which critical and meaningful data are retrieved.

This project consists of the following:

  • Simulation Platform, created with unity3D

  • Backend, created with Node-red

  • Message Broker, I used RabbitMQ to do it

  • Website, created with Node-red


In the 3d simulation framework, the user could create as many patient rooms and sensor types as possible and assign the testing data to each sensor.

The simulation would then run and send the data retrieved from the sensors concurrently to the server (the server was created using the framework node-red). There, the user could handle the data in many different ways, such as sending an alert back to the 3d simulation, sending a warning on the management website, or sending it to an AI to analyse it.

I also developed a website where all the data retrieved was displayed in the charts in real time. The user could then check the retrieved data by each room and sensor.

Event Platform

Event Platform


TypeScript GraphQL Apollo-GraphQL React Vite

The event platform is a project to manage events with a specific schedule for video availability during the event, enabling you to provide lessons/videos to people in a desired sequence and time.

This project has two pages.

One is that the user can put the email and name and then get access to the videos. The second one

The second is the page with the video player and the available videos and videos to come, with the title of the video and descriptions.

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Electron.js React

This project involves cloning some features of the app Notion in a desktop version using Electron.

In this project, the user can create new pages with markdown codes, edit, and save them inside the application.

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Notify Service


NestJS NodeJS Apache Kafka Jest Prisma

Notify Service is a backend application for managing notifications, whereas it has its own database using the ORM prisma.

The notification model is as follows:

model Notification {
  id          String    @id
  recipientId String
  content     String
  category    String
  readAt      DateTime?
  cancelledAt DateTime?
  createdAt   DateTime  @default(now())

This service uses:

  • NestJs to make the structure of the REST API.
  • Jest to create the unit tests
  • Kafka as the message broker
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Dt money

Dt money


React Styled Components Axios TypeScript React Hook Form

This application is a use-case project for an app that manages the income and expenses of a user.

The user can add an income or outcome of money that will change the overall balance (total and separated income/outcome).

This project uses a JSON server to store the data and share data when requested. It was set up to handle an external API if the developer wants to use it, as the JSON server is just a mockup server.

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360 Product Landing page


HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript

This project is a simple landing page that displays a product and its 360 view. Access the Repo
Ecommerce-CourseClass microservices

Ecommerce-CourseClass microservices


NestJS Next JS Prisma ESLint Apache Kafka GraphQL TypeScript TailwindCSS Apollo-GraphQL Postgres Docker

A Microservice architecture for an e-commerce/course platform use-case.

This project has the following:

  • Classroom Service

  • Purchases Service

  • Website

  • Gateway

  • Database


The Purchase service is responsible for retaining and processing the purchases of courses from the platform, with its GraphQL API and its PostgreSQL.

The Classroom service is responsible for ensuring that the user owns the selected course and is authenticated. It also has a GraphQL API and a PostgreSQL db.

The website is the platform where the user authenticates (Auth0), buys courses and watches the lessons.

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Daily habits

Daily habits


React Prisma React Native NodeJS ESLint TailwindCSS TypeScript Fastify

This a Fullstack project to help you to manage your daily habits and goals.

This project consists of a web and mobile app that has a calendar in which you tick your daily activities.

The user can create new daily activities that will be added to the do list for the next day.

In this project, we also have a REST API using Fastify to integrate with an MYSQL database and with the two apps.

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Dengue Game


Unity C# Adobe Photoshop

Dengue is a project with the purpose of bringing awareness of how the mosquito that transmits the dengue virus breeds and how we can prevent them from doing so.

The game consists of the following:

  • Multiple levels where the player needs to select the places where the mosquito is more prone to breed.

  • Variety of places and objects that belongs to our daily life that the mosquitos can use

This Project was created when I was still in high school. It was a game developed with the participation of my Biology teacher and some junior students that were to learn how to code and design applications.




NodeJS ESLint TypeScript Jest Postgres Swagger TypeOrm Docker

This project is a Backend application to manage rentals of cars.

This project consists of the following:

  • REST API - models of cars, rentals and accounts. Routes for creating objects, authenticating, updating, listing, uploading car/avatar images and importing. Use of SOLID concepts.

  • Swagger - Documentation of the routes, examples and run tests.

  • Jest - In Memory tests and Integration tests.

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Next Shop

Next Shop


NodeJS Next JS Redux Strapi

E-commerce platform integrated with Stripe and Redux.

This project consists of the following:

  • Home page with products in a carrousel

  • Dynamic page with the description of a product

  • Cart with products, quantities and prices

  • Stripe Integration to retrieve products' details and process payments.

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Next JS Prisma Postgres Google

Manage Appointments and schedule your available time with SchedCall. NextJs, PrismaIO and Google Calendar.

In this app, you will create a user and link it with your google account with NextAuth, giving access to the Google Calendar application.

After that, the user will add their availability during the week. And other people will be able to access it and make an appointment in the available dates and times.

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React Timer

React Timer


TypeScriptReact Vite

Usually, we mess with our time management, but with this web app, you can create tasks and allocate time to them.

This project has two pages:

  • Home page, where the user can create the task and add its time.
  • History page, where the user can see the previous tasks, and their status, done and interrupted.

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Unity C#

This project is an AR demo application that uses a Rexona deodorant to combine the real and virtual worlds.

To do this project, I did the photogrammetry of the deodorant with hundreds of images of it to create a model to use in Unity 3D.

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