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Tech stack

ReactJsAIGraphQLARNodeJsNode-redTypeScriptNextJsNestJsUnity3DC#HTMLCSSMongoDBPostgresqlDockerKafkaRabbitMQREST APIReduxPhotoshopPrismaTailwindCSSGCP

Work Experience

  • Software Engineer

    Revy AI
    1 yr 5 mo

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    As the main developer, I engineered a comprehensive no-code platform from the ground up, designed to streamline sales team operations. This robust solution leverages a cutting-edge tech stack, including: - Next.js, TypeScript a Tailwind for a responsive front-end - Serverless architecture on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Node.js for efficient back-end processing - Firestore and websockets for scalable, real-time data storage - Batch processing and cron jobs for automated task management - ReactFlow for intuitive workflow visualization - OpenAI API for advanced AI capabilities - Stripe for secure payment processing - Integrations with various third-party APIs for enhanced functionality This platform significantly automates and optimizes sales processes, empowering teams to focus on high-value activities.

  • System analyst and Programmer

    Neo Networks
    2 yr

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    Responsible for developing projects and integrating systems, while also creating and documenting tutorials for clients and the development team. Tasks include training junior team members and providing Tier III diagnosis and implementation of integration solutions for clients. This role encompasses both technical development and knowledge sharing, ensuring smooth operations and client satisfaction.

  • Freelance Web Developer & Tutor

    9 mo

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    During this time, I developed websites using React.js and Node.js and tutored some students about the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JS, C# and SQL

  • Creative Developer Internship

    Code On Canvas
    1 mo

    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    Responsible for researching AR technologies and creating prototype for projects

  • Volunteering Work - Robotics Teacher

    4 mo

    Taubaté, São Paulo, Brazil

    As someone that was changed by the experiences of being part of the robotics team, I was led to pass forward all my knowledge and experiences that I had to the next generations so that they could achieve greater things than I did.In 2019 I had the opportunity of teaching robotics to high school students in SESI-411 with the help of my teacher and friend, Gabriel Alves.


David Johnson

Founder at Revy AI

André is hands down one of the very best people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is extremely committed to his craft as a Software Engineer and is constantly pushing himself to learn and improve. He approaches each new challenge with a positive and growth-oriented attitude. Additionally, André is able to thrive in ambiguous situations and is comfortable taking the initiative to proactively solve problems himself with minimal guidance if necessary. However, the best thing about working with André is who he is as a person. You will not find someone kinder, or with more integrity than André. He is a truly unique asset to any team, not just for his impressive acumen as an engineer, but for the immense cultural value he brings to those he works with.

Jim Basilakis

Senior Lecturer Health Informatics

Andre was involved in a team-based IT project which was to develop a testing platform for IoT sensor devices in a smart home setup. I supervised and assessed the project. Not only did Andre demonstrate exemplary technical skills, it was quickly recognised that he had the leadership qualities for guiding the rest of the team in software development. I was most impressed by Andre's ability to be able to lead the team and deal in an easy-going nature, with any difficulties encountered along the way. Andre worked very diligently to carry the project technically with the result that an innovative and well-developed technical solution was delivered on time and according to specification. I would thoroughly recommend Andre as a valuable asset to any software development team.

Orlando Rosa Junior

Master in Technological Innovation, Specialist in Information Technologies, Electrical Engineer, Technologist in Business Management and Technician in Industrial Informatics

André was always attentive to learn. He made nice projects and treated the technician course seriously. He made good appointments in Electronics and also Automation. He was good at programming tasks, such as C, Wire, Ladder and another applications.

George Kolistasi

Data integrations/automation expert. 100% platform and software agnostic. Broad business industry knowledge. (ERP, CRM, B2B Sales, Marketplace, Payments, Warehouse, Transport, etc.)

André worked very well with our team in a technical support role. During that time we found him to be very pleasant to work with, punctual and quite clever with solutions to complex problems. André has a good sense of humour and is an aspiring violinist working hard on his music skills outside of his work. I believe that André would fit in well in any professional technical environment and I'd be happy to recommend him to another employer. George Kolistasi - Managing Director Neo Networks Pty Limited